Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Unschooling Home of Love & Compassion

Over the last few months I have really enjoyed giving our home a Peace & Compassion Makeover.
My creativity has emerged and I had no idea I could create what I have in our home. In fact, we have an actual style now. Well.. it is more of an UnStyle and if I was to categorize it,
I'd say it is Gypsy-Bohemian.

I decided to bring more color and joy into our lives and in doing so, we've all felt more peaceful. In fact, I contribute our family to all embracing veganism in part to the choices we've made in our lives to consciously bring more focus on our home environment itself. Facilitating the kids joys have been even more positive, as a result to our redesigning our home. Radical Unschooling homes are all unique and a reflection of the family itself. I have enjoyed this process so much that I wanted to share it with you all. 

When we consciously bring Peace and Compassion to our awareness through creativity, we start a momentum with the energy of the space we share with those we love and it becomes an experience of transformation. Our family loves our home, and I feel so good that I could create a loving, peaceful space that continues to infuse them with love and compassion. It is an ever-evolving space that will never be done. Just like life itself, it is about the Journey.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Children Aren't Neglected! They Are Respected!

I've created several memes to share snippets of Radical Unschooling philosophy. The most controversial of which being this first one. What I am sharing in this meme is the freedom and respect that children deserve in regards to their own bodies. The interesting thing is, most people in disagreement with this meme are making assumptions that children, when given information and support, will made bad choices. If my child doesn't want to wear a jacket somewhere, I bring it for him. I am always there to ensure they have warm clothes, if they change their mind.
Being barefoot is healthy and we support our children in being barefoot when they want to be. This doesn't mean they are barefoot all the time. They understand when it is necessary, and never protest when shoes are necessary.

"Children with the healthiest and most supple feet are those who habitually go barefoot, according to Dr. Lynn T. Staheli and a growing number of other pediatric orthopedists. His studies of developing nations show that non-shoe-wearers have better flexibility and mobility, stronger feet, fewer deformities, and less complaints than those who wear shoes regularly." Lynn Staheli, MD

This meme went viral on social media. I received dozens of messages, comments and emails as a result of sharing this the other day. The support for this promotion of children's rights was overwhelming.
Times are changing, and I am happy that those looking for an alternative way of raising children can find inspiration and support from our family.

Feel free to share this meme.


Monday, October 26, 2015

Dayna Martin: Tiff's Dream Is Coming True!

This weekend, Tiff, has started on a new and exciting journey!

My sensitive, intense daughter, Tiff, is making her dreams come true! She just turned 14 and the world is hers! So glad we never drugged, forced conformity, beat down, or changed any aspect of her beautiful, highly-spirited self! The qualities that made her challenging to parent when she was a toddler and young child were never taken out of her, to make life easier for us as parents,
 or the other adults in her life. She wasn't forced to be obedient, or punished or treated as subservient in any way, in all of her powerful intensity. These qualities of her being, that are still respected, will be the fierce, guiding force that will enable her to get anything she wants out of life - with confidence and passion.
Radical Unschooling - Freedom, Love, Peace and Compassion
Our children are able to be Who They Are, through living this amazing life! 

Rock your life!
Dayna Martin

Friday, May 15, 2015

Beautiful Yarn Balls Project

What You Need For Yarn Balls:
  • yarn (whatever colors you like)
  • balloons: Various size circular balloons to make different sizes
  • white glue: I used Elmers Glue

  • Pour white glue onto a plate. (It washes off the plate pretty easy, but if you are worried about  it, use a paper plate.) 
  • Lightly blow up one balloon, so it stays round and not oval. 
  • Pull the yard through the glue as you wrap it around the balloon. 
  • Continue wrapping until it covers a lot of the balloon. You want the yarn to resemble a ball. 
  • Let yarn balloons dry overnight. When you wake up the yarn should be stiff and hard. 
  • Pop balloon and pull through one of the larger spaces in the yarn ball. 

    These are so magically pretty! We hung ours on our indoor tree! You can put them in a basket, hang them in your bedroom or give them as a gift!

    Hope you loved this project! 
    Peace & Love, Dayna


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mother - Daughter Connection Art

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” 
― Pablo Picasso

"My Art is the hide-and-seek
Between my soul’s illumining smiles
And my heart’s streaming tears."
– Sri Chinmoy

Ivy and I both love crafts and art. I had the idea to create a work of art together, that represents our relationship and Oneness and expanding connection as mother and daughter. We began by gluing various fabrics to a piece of cardboard, almost like a quilt. It looked so pretty, right from the beginning. We immersed ourselves in the process while listening to some  positive, inspiring music that ranged from Amy Steinburg to Skrillex.

We talked, we laughed and we were totally Present.  I felt so close to Ivy during this time creating from our hearts to symbolize our love and relationship as mother and daughter. Her ideas flowed and I embraced them, and every single part of this art piece was discussed and agreed upon - together. My sweet daughter felt so special, because I was with *her* one on one, working together on a common goal of creating something beautiful that represented our relationship. 

The symbolism of our combined vision began to take form. Hours went by and we were getting more and more excited at how it was coming out. We began adding elements of nature and then added special gifts that we had received from others. Finally, Ivy had the idea of adding positive quotes. It was just what it needed to bring the energy of our vision together. When we were finished, we smiled and hugged thanking one another for such a beautiful co-creation. We were both feeling such peace and love in our hearts. 

I want to encourage others to co-create art with their children. The presence and connection takes physical form, as the art is born. It is peaceful, relaxing, memorable and powerful...

Friday, March 20, 2015

Devin's Looms & Weaving

Devin has a growing interest in Viking-age craft and clothing. He has been making his own clothing for several years. It started with modifying them, during his Steampunk interest. Slowly it grew to include designing his own clothes. He pretty much only wears things he has made himself. He hand-sews and hand-dyes with natural fabrics and dyes.

He has built a number of looms over the last few weeks. This point as a Radical Unschooling family is very interesting to me. I couldn't have predicted what life would be like with an Unschooled teen - now I have two of them!

Devin is such a motivated, creative person. I would say "genius," but in all honesty, I believe that every child has the potential for this creativity, drive and passion. Unfortunately, most young people today do not have the freedom to pursue what they are passionate about, because their lives are filled with everything that schools and parents feel are more important.  

As the years roll on and on, and our children grow and change, I grow and change. So much is shifting in the world in regards to education and parenting. The trust and confidence that I have for my children on their life path is unwavering.  The love in my heart grows as I heal from my own childhood and as I witness and experience my children's free, respected lives. My children have incredible talent, as does EVERY child, if given the freedom and respect they deserve.

This is a peg loom that Devin made. He makes scarves and blankets with it. 

Here is some cotton yarn that Devin dyed with turmeric, red cabbage and spinach. 

This is a Saami Rigid Heddle Loom that Devin built. It is attached to his floor and ceiling.

Devin wove this on his Heddle Loom. It is so beautiful!

This is a Warp-Weighted Viking Loom that Devin made, with the help from his Unschooled friend, Trystan. They worked on it for days and it is absolutely incredible.
Here is a finished woven project that Devin made with his Viking loom. 

Whenever I post about Devin on social media, I receive tons of incredible feedback from people who love, praise and celebrate him. Obviously, I think my kids are amazing and awesome, but I want to point out that ALL children and teens have this creativity within themselves. You just need to take your kids out of school, stop punishing and controlling them and give them as ENORMOUS of a world as possible, to learn and grow from. Support them and help them get what they want in life. Be their source of constant optimism and encouragement and LOVE them, unconditionally.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Unschooling MEXICO!!

Ivy and I just returned home from a trip to Acapulco, Mexico. I was a speaker at an event called, "Anarchapulco." I enjoyed connecting with such a passionate community and what I shared about Unschooling and Peaceful Parenting was well-received and appreciated. 

I believe in my heart, that what I share with people about living in partnership, rather than the traditional authoritarian paradigm, is something that most people know, deep down, on a cellular level of their being. I shared with my audience that they were right all of those years when their instinct told them that being controlled and punished as children was unjust. 
This brings about intense emotions of pain and anger, as well as peace, love and understanding. 

 Finally being validated, after years of distrust of themselves, people often shed tears. At one point of my talk, I saw people crying and I knew that their inner-child was finally being and understood and they had "permission" to follow their hearts and be kind, loving and respectful of children on a deeper level.

I loved speaking at Anarchapulco and it was an honor to be invited to share my work and this message with others who are ready to hear and integrate a new level of respect, peace and freedom.

I took Ivy to Mexico with me, and she had a great time! Here she is swimming with some new friends! 

After my main presentation, I was invited to take part in several interviews. Here I am being interviewed by, Luke Rudkowski, of We Are Change! 

Ivy and I swam with dolphins! It was incredible!
Watch us here!

Thank you, Mexico for having us! We love you!

Peace, Love, Free....... Dayna

Saturday, February 21, 2015

I've been MINECRAFTED! Meet Indigo Rose33!

My children have loved Minecraft for years. Devin played the Beta version and even met Notch, the creator of the game. All my kids play and now they are so excited, because *I* am playing! It was hard at first and I am still a total, "Noob" (what gamers call players new to the game.) I made my first Minecraft video with my Soul Sister, AmyLee33! It was SO much fun! 

Me amongst the Lovely-Jubbly's with a Googly staring at me!

Me and some cute doggies!

Amy Lee33 and ME!!

Myself and AmyLee33 ready with our bow and arrows!